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You are a maker. You're used to doing things in new and creative ways. So are we.

Let us be your technology partner and help you sell tickets. We can solve your unique problems.

We want to be more than just your ticketing software. We want to be a collaborator .

29,605 tickets have been sold through BuyPlayTix to date.

Ticket Sales

Mobile friendly with a low service charge - 99¢ (plus credit card fees) per ticket.

Discount Codes

Easily send out codes that are first come, first serve, or use them to track comps.

Season Passes

Patrons can buy passes and use them to reserve their tickets.


Manage your contacts and export to MailChimp, GraphicMail Constant Contact or YourMailingListProvider.


Embed code to take donations on your website or add a link to the shopping cart.


Your customized website on our servers. Say goodbye to maintaining security updates.

for free right now! No commitments. No contract.
Service Charges
BuyPlayTix Fee $0.99 per ticket
CreditCard Fee 2.9% + $0.30


BuyPlayTix will always be free for producing companies with no monthly fees, and our service charge is one of the lowest in the industry.

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A customer buys tickets at $ per ticket.

They'll pay $ in BuyPlayTix service fees and $ in Credit Card charges.

For a total service charge of $

$ will be deposited in your account.

Your money in your account

We use Stripe to process ticket charges.

That means you manage your money, and it goes directly into your account.

We'll help you setup an account and get you started.

Hassle free ticketing.


At BuyPlayTix we come from a theater background. We know what features you need. And we're constantly adding new ones.

Click on a feature to get more information.


Credit Card Reservations

Credit Card Reservations


Patrons can buy tickets using all major credit cards.


Customers are handed off to Stripe for the actual transaction. We don't see your patron's credit card information and it is never stored on our servers.

Free Reservations

Free Reservations

Sometimes you want to give away free tickets, but control the number that are handed out.

With BuyPlayTix you can setup a production as being free and let users reserve tickets with their name, phone number, and email. When the tickets run out, they're gone.

Unpaid Reservations

Unpaid Reservations

Self-service unpaid

You can setup a production to accept tickets via either credit card or unpaid. Unpaid reservations simply are recorded with the patron's name and either phone number or email. They can pay the night of the show.

Unpaid by phone

When logged into BuyPlayTix you can manually add unpaid reservations and let the patron pay the night of the show.

Discount Codes

Discount Codes

You can create complex discount codes with limits on the number of times they can be redeemed.

Create generic codes, or unique one time use codes.

Emailing a unique discount code to each cast and crew member is a simple way to handle comps.

Concession Sales

Concession Sales

You can setup create a list of concessions that you sell in addition to tickets and record them in the online box office when taking tickets.

It makes it trivial to keep track of all the money in your cashbox.

Track sales online or via printable sales report

Trace Sales


You can pull up the online box office the night of each show. Mark off reservations, sell walkup tickets, and keep track of concessions.


No Internet where you take tickets? No problem. Just print out a box office report before heading out to the show and record your sales that way.


Your first show setup for free

Initial Setup

To ease you into BuyPlayTix we'll ask you for details on your first show as part of the signup process.

Then we'll set it up for you. For free!

Festivals (a different bill each night)


Festivals can be a pain to setup. BuyPlayTix makes it easy. You can add a different description for the bill each night.

Production Tagging

You can also tag productions and display them all on a single page. Easily making a festival out of many different productions.


And of course we have a production calendar to easily show patrons your festival schedule.

Combos (Double-Headers)


Perhaps you have two companies doing a double-header. Or you're doing a two part Shakespearean play. It's easy to setup.

Automatic or Manual

Your patrons can buy a combo explicitly or it can automatically be combined in their carts if they buy Parts 1 and 2.

Hold tickets

Hold tickets

Hold tickets are a block of tickets set aside for the cast, the press, or any reason you can think of. You can easily mark reservations as coming from the hold tickets pool. And if you want to sell the remaining hold tickets you can release them with one button click.

Production Calendar

Production Calendar

Your production will be listed on a calendar that you can easily link to your website.


The calendar is customizable to show the current month, week, or day. Or you can show a custom range to highlight exactly the dates you want.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Track contact email, phone, and mailing address

Track contact email, phone, and mailing address

Automatically Populated

We automatically create a contact in your CRM when a customer buys a ticket. They start out populated with email, phone, and mailing address. Which makes sending email messages or postal mailings a breeze.

Tag contacts (donors, actors, directors, etc.)

Tag contacts (donors, actors, directors, etc.)

You can tag each contact with as many different tags as you wish. This lets you easily get back in contact with your donors or actors.

Cast Lists

You can even use tags to build printable Cast Lists.

Build sophisticated custom lists

Build sophisticated custom lists


With a simple drag-and-drop interface you can build lists based on the data they have (contacts with a postal mailing address), tags (director), or productions they've seen (Hamlet on September 20th).

Export to Excel or for external mail merge



Export in the industry standard csv file format. CSV can be read by Excel and most other programs.

All or a few

You can export all your contacts at any time. Or you can export a dynamically created list.

Import from 3rd party sources


From CSV

You can import contacts using the industry standard csv file format.

Simple Mapping

We let you easily map external fields to BuyPlayTix fields. The wizard is quick and simple.

Simple deduplication

Simple deduplication

Even in the best system you'll end up with duplicate contacts. Our merge tool lets you search for similar contacts and merge them or ignore them.

Export to your email provider

Export to your email provider

We're integrated with Mail Chimp , Graphic Mail , Constant Contact , and YMLP . If you need to export your contacts to someone else let us know, and we'll build it for you!

Create and print cast lists

Create and print cast lists

Easily create a cast list from a dynamic list. You can create headers and assign each contact a role. Then print.

Your cast list will be dynamically updated based on the original contact. So if a phone number or email address changes, so does your list.


Facebook and Twitter support

Facebook and Twitter support

Send out status updates to your Facebook page and Twitter account. Simple and easy, without everyone in your organization having to remember the shared account info.


Credit card sales

Credit card sales

The Credit card sales report lets you do easy reconiciliation between the reservations you have and the actual credit card transactions behind them.

Box Office Analysis including Revenue Per Seat

Box Office Analysis including Revenue Per Seat

Revenue Per Seat

Find out how much money you made vs. how much money you could have made. Easily determine if you need a smaller venue.

Sales by type

Figure out if most of your audience is reserving online or buying in person and tailor your marketing plan accordingly.

Sales by week

Find out when the majority of your audience comes and find out when they purchase their tickets. Plan for future productions based on real facts, not just speculation .

Facebook link sharing

Facebook link sharing

Check out how many times your ticketing url has been shared and liked on Facebook.

Contact us if you need help, would like a question answered, or a feature built!