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Short Stories, by Kiya Heartwood. From cross-dressing Confederates, mop-wielding agitators, and infamous cowgirls to a love story from the Jersey Shore, award-winning songwriter Kiya Heartwood spins true tall stories from the American edge. More: www.kiyaheartwood.com.

UpRise! Productions presents: Storytime with Da'Shade Moonbeam, by Da'Shade Moonbeam. Stories told from the underbelly of Austin through hip-hop theatre and experiential performance art that will keep the audience on their toes!

Computer, She Calls by Emily R. Pellerin. Starring Kayla Newman. A woman works at a local call center and develops a relationship with a frequent caller. The show explores the anonymity, as well as the legitimacy, of relationships characteristic of the digital communications age.

Another Shade of Gray, by Charla Hathaway. Peek in on a sex worker while she teaches her client just how to do it!

Symphonic Taint: The Captain & Muerte, by Content Love Knowles and David Demaris. Just back from their travels through time and space on the good ship Symphonic Taint, that deathless duo The Captain and Muerte know where the bodies are buried (every single one of them) and are more than willing to tell the tale. Undead piano jazz with an attitude: 100% improvised piano cabaret and revelatory gossip about anyone who has ever lived and perhaps a few who haven't.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Bird Back, by Melissa Jackson Burns. This is a short solo performance piece utilizing music, dance, poetry, and monologuing. Tooka, a tooka bird, explores her relationship to her body and outside influences on the she feels about it.

BRINE III: No Tea for Me, by Stuart Hersh. A Boy Raised In New England discovers a primer for 20th century immigrants taking the citizenship exam. A journey through American history with a sense of humor and music.

After the Silence, by Anne Maria Wynter (ScriptWorks Commission). A short work from a collection of plays about an apartment complex, its residents, and the surprising intimacy that exists among people who share walls. Directed by Zell Miller, III and featuring Brian L. Ridley.

Lost on Most, by Lacee Duke and Taylor Flanagan. The critics are raving: "Lucy and Tara are at it again!!!" "This generation's Rork and Cindy!!" "A series of mystifying confusions to buy them some time!" "Vegetable impersonations by request!" "Bloopers on tap!" " The scene opens on two people that have no idea what they are doing with your time . . . and you LOVE it."

Big Beautiful Warlock, by Big Beautiful Warlock. Big Beautiful Warlock is an improv comedy troupe who perform narrative-based long form improv. Their original format is inspired by the classic improvised La Ronde and always features compelling storylines and characters. The show is created by the performers based on an audience suggestion.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Lester Leaps Out, by Raymond V. Whelan. One evening during the swing dance at a local ballroom, Gabriel and Lisa meet the spirit of Lester Young, the great saxophonist. Lester helps the couple meet and acquire greater self-confidence. The "riverdance" of swing comes to FronteraFest.

Tender Transitions, Choreographed by Sumi Komo, Composed by Eric R Chapelle. Original dance pieces WITH LIVE MUSIC featuring dancers: Dave Pierce, Paula Gruber, Carol Lewis, Virginia Bloom, Amy Love, Sumi Komo and musicians: Lyn Pierce, voice, Eric R Chapelle, keyboard.

The Megaphone Show, by Karen Early, Megan Simon, Aaron Walther, and GSU Paek. The cast invites a guest to tell a story and then they improvise scenes based off the story.

Barnum Brown, The Entertainment, by Diana Prechter and Kent Cole. After the smash debut of "Wuthering Heights, The Entertainment" at FronteraFest two years ago, Diana Prechter and Kent Cole once again perform their original brand of storytelling with song. They've teamed up with Barnum Brown, the great paleontologist (1873-1963) to go on a trip to Montana in 1902 to discover T. Rex.

How to Crush Crayons, by Pete Betcher, Katie Kohler, Jeremiah Rosenberger, and Justin Morley (The Back Pack). Last year's Best-of-Fest winners return with a rhythm-based movement piece exploring whimsy and expectations through a combination of music, clowning, and dance.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Shabby Chic, by Theresa Jones (produced by Jane Burkett). When Marvalene invites the church ladies to lunch, everyone gets a big surprise.

Ought: A Tru Story of Near Dating Experiences, by Trudy Martinez. A dark comedy/musicalette starring the writer with a series of vignettes from true experiences in almost dates. Directed by Adam Roberts and featuring a small cast of men in boots and jeans.

5 Eggs Left, by Teresa Stankiewicz. The Incubator Ladies that live inside Jennifer's body have been sleepily knitting and waiting to do their duty. When they get the urgent phone call that one of her remaining five eggs is ready, they leap into action. Jennifer experiences hot flashes and overwhelming sexual urges as she goes through menopause, unaware that she may still be fertile.

Danceopoly, choreographed by Dawn Davis Loring and Mosaic Dance Body. The dance/theatre piece Danceopoly takes a snarky look at artist poverty through the lens of a cheesy game show. Smarmy host Penny Parker and sly game assistants Gilda and Mister Moneybags guide an unsuspecting choreographer as she rolls the dice hoping to win enough money to produce her concert. Join us and help the choreographer “win big” on a life-sized game board complete with enormous dice and lots of audience participation.

Southern Fried Chickie "Extra Crispy," by Christy McBrayer. One-woman play about a trip from Hollywood to Tupelo, Mississippi. where Christy McBrayer performs original characters backed by her band the "Redneck Greek Chorus." (Johnny Molinari and Baird Blanton).

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Impasse, written and directed by Kate Cleary. An improvisational performance that enters the territory of speaking and being heard through dance, spoken word and song. Performed by Kate Cleary and Liz Tucker.

Columbine Cakewalk, by Tommy LeVrier. In Columbine Cakewalk, slaves at the end of the war between the states must decide whether to flee the plantation or stay as the sadistic General Sherman advances in this satire of Commedia dell'Arte.

Hand in Unloveable Hand, by Allyson Whipple. A woman goes to visit her long-estranged husband in an attempt to obtain closure. As they discuss what went wrong in their marriage and the changes that have occurred in their lives since then, they fall back into their unhealthy and abusive patterns. The structure of the play itself is designed to highlight the cyclical nature of abusive relationships.

Notes From An Accidental Dominatrix, by Claire Evora. Developing one-woman show - humorous and poignant stories from my life as a professional dominatrix in LA's oldest dungeon.

Like Mama, Like Baby, Like Mama, by Sonnet Blanton, Cassie Stewart, Mark Stewart. Liza and Judy prepare for a performance in this completely imagined glimpse into the tiny, twisted world of two icons. With Cassie Stewart, Mark Stewart, and Sonnet Blanton.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Means, by Tatiana M. Panovich. A short play about a man's climactic journey after literally waking up on the wrong side of the bed. We see how chance (or is it fate?) influences those around him on what happens to be his last day on earth. How the results of his influence, and even perhaps martyrdom, justify "the means" to his end. How one small ripple can affect the whole, no matter when it comes.

Split Branches of the Terebinth, by Teresa Stankiewicz. Three women each tell their story of marrying a man who is called to serve God. While their journeys are very different they are also uncannily similar. All three women share their faith, betrayal and recovery with humor and sadness in this story of split terebinth branches. Directed by Matthew Braylon Haynes.

No Direction, Only Action: a performance score by Lisa D'Amour, performed by Jason Phelps, directed by Jenny Larson. A performance meditation based one graceful motion. Includes (but is not limited to) whole body smiles, punk rock repetition, high school dances, FronteraFest memories, invisible baby chicks, a beautiful scarf, and gratitude.

The Night Before … a monologue by Zac Kline (Missing Bolt Productions). "I'm looking at you/And it's terrifying ..." Maybe some questions don't have answers. Developed by Blair Baker and Zac Kline. Directed by Patrick Day.

Bad Parents, by Max Langert (ScriptWorks Commission). Five adults at a kid's 5th birthday party worry that they're bad parents. They might have a point. Langert has been selected for multiple previous FronteraFest Best of Fest weeks.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Walls of Jericho, by Sandra Metcalf. An autobiographical play which takes place during the early 1960s, a pivotal time in American history. The life of an Air Force family living in The Cold War era amid constant change and crises echoes the upheaval of the times in which they lived.

Loaded Gun Theory is So Metal, by Bill Arnold, E.D. Harrelson, Amy Lewis, Julie Winston-Thomas, Travis Holmes, Anne Larson, Timothy Thomas, and Ian LeClair. Loaded Gun Theory's latest collaborative piece -- two volleyball girls set out to conquer the world using drones and heavy metal.

Dinner at Cinderella's, by Raymond V. Whelan. Cristina treats Heather on her birthday to dinner at Cinderella's, an Italian restaurant in Cambridge, Mass. Heather asks Cristina to teach her how to speak a little Italian. The lesson goes well. Then, as they discuss failed relationships, tempers flare.

Bar Made in Brooklyn, by Kat Albert. A 20-minute trip into a Brooklyn bar as Autumn looks for her perfect match. Directed by David K. Fried.

Opposites, by Patrick Knisely & Mark Carpenter. Improv comedy show.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

God Goes to Rehab, by George Riley. A farcical tale about God's insecurities, relationships, and drug problem. Written and directed by George Riley, starring Feliz Dia McDonald, Leonel Garza, Courtney Outlaw, Nathanael Dunaway, Mimi Kayl-Vaughan, Adam Martinez & Dwayne Williamson. Music by Dwayne Williamson.

New Symbols of White Pride, by Jason Rainey. Because the Stars and Bars is so passé.

Iced Tea in Texas,Chapter I, by Bernadette Nason, directed by Michael Stuart. Having lived in England, North Africa, and the Middle East, she was culture-shock-proof. What could be so very different about Texas, aka the Lone Star State? An excerpt from the Long Fringe show.

Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, by James E. Burnside. One-woman play featuring Roxy Becker.

Handbomb Presents: The Vacationers, by Vanessa Gonzalez and Micheal Foulk. A two-person comedy sketch show filled with absurd characters and premises.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Tastes like home, by Meg Haley. This piece is an experience of the community created by a shared meal and the power of storytelling. Come and sit. Eat. Hear stories that, together with the meals that they are centered upon, make me me.

Language Games, by Colleen Ahern. Stubbornly guarding his integrity, a college freshman resists a tutor's last ditch attempts to revise his work. Together, they must find a way to save his grade without derailing her academic career.

Hey Diddle Diddle, by Devon J. Adams. Dance-theatre meets film noir in this brassy ode to Fate, the Moon, and the Cow who jumped over them both.

The Authenticity (of an Emotion), written and performed by Ejede. A passionate one-man show with strong themes of sex, politics, love, race, heartbreak, art, success, failure, and other elements that paint a picture of life that we can all feel deeply and relate to.

Hazards, by Mina Samuels (produced by Life Works). Part clown, part Freud, with a dash of existentialism, Hazards is a one-woman performance piece in the absurdist tradition, which dives into the chaotic soup of our minds, exposing our worries, from the personal to the universal, and enacting our deep-seated fear of humiliation if we are “found out.” An excerpt from the Long Fringe show.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Handle with Care: a collection of marionettes and keepsakes, written and performed by Honey Goodenough. Marionette Director: Phillip Huber. Composers: Paul Rudolph, Bradley Kemp, Devin Shepherd. Handle with Care unpacks the wonders of childhood and delightfully explores moments, memories, and music through poignant puppetry.

Rent to Own, by C. Denby Swanson (ScriptWorks Commission). A memoir of my first year as a foster parent told solely through Facebook posts.

I Blame John Hancock for Everything, created by Robert Wighs. "Obama, Romney, Miley, Clinton, Perry, Bush, Bieber...they all get away with it, so why can't you? Come join my 8-Step Seminar that teaches you to forgo identity, shake responsibility, and place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the man that started it all: John Hancock."

The Loop, by Liz Tabish. A 20-minute play about a girl caught between a desire to connect and a desire to disappear. Using dream logic, the play teeters on reality and fantasy while calling attention to the surreal experience of performing for an audience.

The Triathlete, by Gus Bennett. A new play that follows the personified thoughts and emotions of a competing triathlete, during all three portions of the race (swim, bike, run). Directed by Crystal Franz.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Turning Tricks with The Darlings: For The Love of Magic! by Jack Darling. Music by Anna Larson. You'll wanna turn tricks with this Darling & hilarious magician--Jack Darling, a 2011 Best of Fest winner. Just know these Darlings promise a magical, musical & mystical time.

Hazy Eyes, choreographed by Ellen Bartel and Dancers. A short quartet that explores the physical memory of a lost lover and the vibrant ecstatic chaos of their youthful years together. Featuring Dany Casey, Errin Deperdang, Angie Johnson, and Amy Myers in collaboration with choreographer Ellen Bartel.

The Wrong End of the Telescope, by Adam. E. Douglas and adapted from Luigi Pirandello's A Character's Tragedy (Alea Iacta Est). How does a writer deal with his/her creations? How does a character come to life? How much does the character end up influencing the life of the writer? The monologue introduces the audience to the semi-serious adventure of a writer. Performed by Sarah Tryon and directed by Kiara Pipino.

Nona, Who Swallowed a Bird, by Eva Suter. Nona's mother warned her against many things: swallowing birds; fraternizing with woods-type-men; falling in love with women hanging laundry; wandering close to mysterious cut-wood-sculptures of her own image... Nona almost never listens to her mother, and that in the end is the end of Nona. Nona, Who Swallowed a Bird is an invented fairy tale of sorts, with live sound accompaniment.

Up in the Air, by Rhonda F. Kulhanek. An original one-woman show. Kulhanek has been selected for multiple previous FronteraFest Best of Fest weeks, including last year's.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

\ By Any Stretch /, conceived and directed by Tammy M. Gomez. A Sound Culture production, this work premiered at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth on July 20, 2013. Eleven writer/performers respond to one specific question in 22 minutes.

Mmmmmm Bacon... choreographed by Melissa Watt in collaboration with performers. Six performers. Six pig masks. Dance. Performed by: L. Stacy Christie, Ginger Mcgilvray, Rebecca Ouellette, Erica Lyn Peña, Mysti Jace Pride, and Holly Schmidt. With additional contributions by Gabrielle Aufiero, Amanda McCorkle, Stephanie Reed, Joanna Stone, and Megan Yankee. Music: My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult, Morphine, Petty Booka, Trio. Music edited by Melissa Watt.

The Almost Girl, by Penelope Bergen. A woman, her toilet, and a urinary tract infection. Starring Jessica Medina.

Rosetta, by Candyce Rusk. Based on the life of gospel performer and guitar virtuoso Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Rosetta is a play with music. A megawatt star in the 40s-50s, Tharpe’s life was filled with blessings, bad luck, and fellow artist/companion Madame Marie Knight. Starring Gina Houston, Jolia Jones, directed by Mary Alice Carnes. Candyce Rusk has been selected for multiple previous FronteraFest Best of Fest weeks.

I Don't Know Words, by Vanessa Gonzalez. Vanessa has always had trouble finding the right words, so she found the best way to get her point across is through characters, absurdity, and song. Sketch comedy written and performed by Vanessa Gonzalez.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Ethics of Living Jim Crow, an autobiographical sketch by Richard Wright, adapted and performed by Reginald C. Brown, directed by Teresa Morrow.

If You Ever Forget, by Elizabeth Mason. Original poems, stories, and songs.

Patrick & Erica's Stories, by Patrick and Erica Knisely. Patrick and Erica Knisely present a story-telling experience.

Word Spiral, by David Jewell. Poetry and spoken word.

O. Pioneers. A couple of young pioneers face the unsettling possibility of settling in this whimsical covered-wagon comedy. A new play by Kyle John Schmidt. Directed by Elizabeth C. Lay.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Jim Brazina, by Cordelaine Kline, Valerie Johnson. Short films about how Jim Brazina finds his perfect girl in Austin.

Our Flock, by Briandaniel Oglesby (ScriptWorks Commission). A selection from a play inspired by masks titled "Fallout of the Sky." Nellie Kurtz is creating masks generally inspired by the myth of Icarus, around which Briandaniel Oglesby is creating a play.

Famine of the Opera, by Colleen Mallette. International Soprano and Comedienne Colleen Mallette brings her rapier wit and mesmerizing voice to tweak Opera's Sacred Cows and produce songs at the drop of a hat to confuse and entertain. The Diva will also create operatic psychic readings for if you cross her palm with silver...Don't miss this FAMINE OF THE OPERA.

My 1966-1968 Seasons wit the Houston Astros. Award-winning actor/director Ken Webster explains his strange obsession with the 1966, 1967, & 1968 Astros. Webster's Twitter Feed @1969Expos started as a diary of the 1966 Houston Astros season as seen through the eyes of Webster's favorite player from childhood, John Bateman. The diary, part fact and part fiction, part baseball and part history and popular culture, has been featured in several stories by sportswriters. Webster describes how he became an amateur historian, chronicling his favorite team and the years 1966, 1967, and 1968.

The Heart of the Sixties, by Southpaw Jones. Acoustic songs and chitter-chatter to quell the mind and rustle the heart. A brief one-man show: half-written, half-improv.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Dance Based Roughly Around Integrated Neural Networks (Dance B.R.A.I.N. Networks for short), created by Winston Myers, Phillip Wozny, and James Farre. We've designed a system that perceives sound and movement input which results in competing streams of choreographic instruction. Sub-systems determine which choreographic streams dominate dancers' movement choices. Those streams that meet expectations are likely to repeat themselves and those that don't dissolve into new instructions. The system is analogous to the neural process by which someone learns movement, recognizes error, and adjusts.

In Our Prime, by Gloria Rabil Bankler, Jessica Arjet, Paul Normandin, and Ryan Hill. From your suggestions, we will explore relationships as old as time with solid and grounded characters often unique yet every day. In Our Prime does not seek comedy. We trust that just by lookng through the fourth wall the audience will find the funny.

Dumb Show, by Hank Schwemmer. The author has nothing to say. This may take a while. Schwemmer has been selected for multiple previous FronteraFest Best of Fest weeks.

Blues for Charles, by Harry "Rich'd" Hall. This is a murder mystery. It is primarily a family story about the great black migration from the South to California. The San Francisco music scene has a dark past: Charles Sullivan's unsolved murder.

An excerpt from Bat Ballet by Allison Orr Block and Marilyn Rucker. Composer and Lyricist: Marilyn Rucker. A quirky chiropterologist fights to save a beloved urban bat colony from being destroyed by overzealous city developers and a mysterious fungal disease. Inspired by Austin's love for bats, live music and all that is weird, this excerpt from the full-length musical is told from the point-of-view of Wilma, a Mexican Free-tailed bat.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Violet Crown: Salamander's Town, by Theatre en Bloc. Last year, Violet Crown: Dog's Town won Best of Fest. Violet Crown: Salamander's Town is an original folk musical/shadow puppet show that looks at Austin's growth and water supply through the eyes of the Barton Creek salamander. The second part of Theatre en Bloc's Violet Crown trilogy.

Who are you? Who am I? by Katherine Casey. A moment in time in one person’s mind is danced by two different parts. Logic and Emotion are enveloped in each other through struggles and triumphs. Who are you really and who am I in truth? This story brings these vastly different sides together dynamically through music and dance.

Fat, created by Althea Clemons, Caleb Luna, Dan Miller Erin Burrows, Jules Pashall, Nicole Arteaga. A devised collaborative exploration of life in fat bodies and society's treatment of them.

Sun and Moon Project, by Natalie George, Noel Gaulin, and Ed Valentine. "And we, like grackles, perch on the limb of Time Watching the days and nights pass." The beginnings of a future full length fantasy performance with puppets, people, and our very own sun and moon.

Oh, Science! by Oh, Science!. We collaboratively create a 25-minute original show based on an audience suggestion. Smart, high energy, and funny, Oh, Science! delights in creating detailed characters in unexpected settings.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.



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