Sam Bass Theatre


One day, two kids named Scott and Laurie are magically transported into a coloring book! This coloring book is a mystical, magical land called "Sillyville." While there, the kids meet up with Sillywhim, a happy, sing-song lady who tells them of Sillyville's troubles. The Yellow Spurdurgurgles, Blue Twirlypops, Green Jingleheimers, and Red Bittybooties are all fighting because they do not wear the same colors! Scott, Laurie, and Sillywhim meet up with all of these coloful characters, plus the kindly purple-wearing Pasha who all sing songs about themselves. Will the kids and Sillywhim be able to reunite all of the people of Sillyville? You can bet your magic rainbow on it!

Due to limited space we are asking that there be no more than 4 seats reserved per camper total between both performances. Should we have extra seats available we will let you know.



Jun 2017
Jun 23rd 2017 at 3:30pm and 4:30pm