April 5-8 @ 8PM
KC Grey Home - Furniture Store
211 East Alpine Rd #700 Austin, TX 78704

Wednesday $Free - $50
Thursday $15 - $50 *
Friday $15 - $50
Saturday $15 - $50

$20 is the suggested Ticket Price -- Over $20 directly funds the future of 11:11!
Thank you in advance for your generosity and continued support!

* Post-show discussion on Artistic Collaboration with 11:11 Creative Team and Guest Artist from the Community including Artistic Directors of Arcos Dance

An evening-length dance performance
Choreography by Dawn Stoppiello and Jennifer Sherburn
Set Design by Yvonne Boudreaux
Lighting Design by Natalie George
Music by Solid State Dream Suit with Musical Direction by Michael Brown

As in a ripple or disturbance
Like that of water or air behind a ship or plane
A disturbance in creative process welcomed from collaboration
The reverberation of energy contained between four walls
A gentle ripple of nostalgia
Or a sudden rude awakening

Instead of presenting a double-bill performance, April's Artists have decided to collaborate on one new piece! We are excited to announce our Artist in Residence traveling all the way from Portland, Oregon, Dawn Stoppiello, renowned choreographer and Co - Artistic Director of Troika Ranch. WAKE comes together within an intense 4-day rehearsal process beginning April 1st! The collaboration is multi-layered beginning with skype calls between choreographers. Natalie and Yvonne will be the first to collaborate in the space—loading in before the dancers begin their first rehearsal. Together they will create the environment. Jennifer and the dancers will arrive next. Coming to the space on the evening of April 1st for an intensive 4-day only rehearsal process.  Working and creating in collaboration with the existing environment. Then Dawn arrives on day 3 and has creative freedom to disturb or even ‘wreck’ the work Jennifer & dancers have created. Meanwhile, Michael Brown, musical director, will be working alongside each layer creating music that is inspired by the space, the design, the dance, and the disturbance. On day 4, the entire creative team will come together to finesse the work and polish what will be WAKE.


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Apr 2017
Apr 5th-8th 2017 at 8:00pm